Valerie Hefner

“As a mother and a wife, I know the struggle of working families. We need a strong voice for us in Austin,” said Valerie Hefner, a Sherman native. Hefner is seeking the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 62, representing Grayson, Fannin and Cooper counties.

Valerie’s children attend Sherman Public Schools.  “We need to strengthen, not abandoned, the promise of public education. Our students must have a safe place to learn.” She wants to refocus the legislature’s attention away from scapegoating vulnerable children to funding classroom teachers.

Hefner also is driven by the experiences of her husband, Daniel Fox Jr., a disabled veteran. Access to Affordable Care for middle and working-class families, as well as quality Healthcare for Veterans, should be top priority.

“As your representative, I will work to protect your right to buy insurance, even if you have a pre-existing condition.” This issue is personal for her. Two of her children have pre-existing conditions, and she worries about the future.

Hefner said “My family experiences have also taught me that inclusion makes us stronger.”  Her grandfather-in-law was an immigrant.  After years of hard work, he owned and managed an electrical company. “We need to welcome, not attack, new members of our community.”

Valerie is convinced that Grayson, Fannin, and Cooper counties can have a bright future. “We need to focus on people first. Focus on our schools, our health care, and our neighbors.” The Democratic primary election is March 6, 2018.